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Some of our favourite brahma pictures illustrating the range of colours in the breed.

Gold Brahma  hen and ducklings

Buff  Columbian cock

Gold bantam cock and dark and gold pullets.

Brahma chicks - drinking time

Gold bantam hen

Gold hen and her own chicks

Dark Brahma Cock

Light brahma chicks at bedtime

Blue partridge hen and recently hatched goslings. She reared them all!

Pair of buff columbian bantams. One of the most attractive colours.

Light brahma bantam pair

Blue buff columbian brahma bantam cock

Buff bantam cock

White bantam hen

Blue columbian bantam pullet

Dark bantam cock

Blue partridge bantam hen

Blue partridge bantam cock

Buff Bantam hen and chicks

Buff bantams

Dark bantam hen

Large Fowl Blue Brahma, cock and hen.